Raça Sueca, Raça Superior?

De http://onet.tehonetti.fi/suomalaisuudenliitto/onet/vanhatsivut/history.htm:

"Axel Olof Freudenthal (1836-1911), professor of Swedish Language at the University of Helsinki, was one of the worst racists of his time. He maintained, among other things, that Finnish-speakers were a lower "race" than Swedish-speakers and that the Finnish language does not allow of higher expression. He considered Finns as "Turanians", incapable of advanced social activities. Freudenthal's racial doctrine bears a striking resemblance to the one on Aryan superiority, already circulating in Europe at the time.

The fact, that the Swedish People's Party still bestow Freudenthal medals on their "meritorious" members as well as on other "deserving" citizens, betrays their secret vision of themselves as Finland's former colonial masters. The celebration of the Swedish Heritage on the very Gustav II Adolph's Day, reveals the non-avowed aspiration to annex Finland to Sweden once again.

According to History Professor Aira Kemiläinen, nationalists in Sweden and their "East-Swedish" compatriots-in-spirit in Finland labelled Finns as a lower breed, not capable of their own cultural accomplishments nor of creating an organized society to begin with".

E de http://onet.tehonetti.fi/suomalaisuudenliitto/onet/vanhatsivut/case.htm:

"Swedish professor I. Nesselius suggested in 1708 - 1711 a genocide of the Finns. According to Nesselius' plan the Finns would have been replaced by the Swedes everywhere in Finland, except in Lapland. There 3 per cent of the Finns were to be left as a historical relic. The rest of the Finns would have been victims. This genocide plan was however not accepted".


Anonymous The Historian said...

We just have to know what he defines as "advanced social activities". We know that Finns realise themselves they don't like company much, that they're better off alone--one theory says that's one of the rationales to develop cell phones in this country. :D

The proto-nazi Prof. Nesselius suggested in 1708-1711 a genocide of the Finns. Probably he meant getting rid of the 172 that existed at that time! :)

This does not surprise me. Still in the beginning of the XX century Finns were depicted as "mongoloids" (not only "mongolic") in official swedish school books...

... and for some reason Swedish-speaking Finns are considered (even by some "Finnish Finns") as "bätra folke" [bétra fôlka]--""better people"--instead of "Finns".

10/07/2006 05:03:00 da tarde  
Blogger aNtonio said...

Talvez seja conveniente referir que esta associação da cultura finlandesa aparenta ser particularmente hostil à remanescente presença sueca no país e que há informação que se encontra na sua pagina cuja validade é discutivel, alem das obvias alfinetadas demagogicas ao RKP (partido lingua sueca).

Veja-se aqui, por exemplo. Se no inicio do seculo passado, finais de 1800 as ideias defendidas pela liga eram importantes para mobilizar o pais, na actualidade a liga parece subsistir apenas por oposição à suecia e à minoria finlandesa de lingua sueca, (comentario sem quaisquer pretensões cientificas, apenas baseado na demogagia e relativismo cultural exibidos nos textos da associação)

10/08/2006 12:01:00 da tarde  
Anonymous the historian said...

Antonio leads us to the thext "Case Sweden. Let me just rebunk some of the things this organisation states:

"Sweden's crucial role in supplying Nazi Germany iron ore and military facilities."

Well, does the association remember Finland was a Nazi ally?

"The Swedish Vikings were the terrorists of their time, who killed thousands of innocent people."

Vikings were not "Swedish", because the country did not exist yet. If anything, they started in nowadays Denmark. Anyway, Human Rights were not discussed until a thousand years later!
And does the association remember how Finns like to associate themselves with the vikings?

"In 1918 Swedish officers and soldiers were involved in the Civil War of Finland. During the fights and after them some 20 000 Finns were starved to death or executed."

Well, well, well... the organisation forgets to say that these people were killed because they were part of the "Red Army", with full support from the *Finnish* "White" government!

How about that for twisting History?

Yet another example of "not noticing the elephant on one's garden, yet shouting about the ant on the neighbour's"!!!

10/08/2006 06:26:00 da tarde  

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